"H.E. Khalil Abdullah Al Khonji, the Chairman of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry and of the Federation of the Gulf Cooperation Council Chambers, receiving the Romania Oman Chamber of Commerce plaque, from its Chairman, Mr.Cristian Dan Danescu." 


In order to obtain this type of visa, you must submit the following documents to the Romanian diplomatic representative offices or consular offices:
  • travel ticket valid until destination or driver’s license, Green Paper and registration documents of your transportation means, for drivers;
  • medical insurance;
  • authenticated invitation from the person you are going to visit, attesting that he/she will bear the costs for your return, in case the invited foreign citizen does not leave Romania by the date of expiry of the residence right established in the visa, and the means of supporting and accommodating the foreign citizens, in case the visited person undertakes to bear such costs;
  • proof of your means of subsistence amounting to Euro 50/day for the entire period, but not less than Euro 500 or the equivalent amount in a convertible currency, if the visited person does not provide the means of subsistence;
  • proof of insuring the accommodation conditions, in the form of a final booking at an accommodation unit, of a deed of ownership or of a deed concluded for the rental of a dwelling in Romania, on the applicant’s name, if the visited person does not insure accommodation.

Note: If you are a citizen of a State which needs an invitation endorsed by the General Inspectorate for Immigration, you will submit, besides the above mentioned documents, the invitation endorsed by the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

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